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Be a Character in the Magic Crystals Universe

This is our main contest, and will remain open as long as material for the Magic Crystals universe is still being produced.

The Magic Crystals universe includes the original series of seven novels, the trivia section on The Magic Crystals website, and anything else that may be created in the future.

The nature of the Magic Crystals universe requires it to have a vast cast of characters, which provides many opportunities for you to be involved. The characters you create, if selected, could only be mentioned once or twice and remain in the periphery of the series; or they may come closer to the fore and feature more prominently.

  • As your character may appear in multiple books or short stories, no free books will be awarded for this contest.
  • You will be acknowledged in any published books in which your character appears, however you won’t be acknowledged if they only appear in short stories that aren’t eventually published as part of a collection.
  • We reserve the right to keep your characters in our database for the duration of this contest, which as already stated, will be as long as material for the Magic Crystals universe is being created. This means your character could be selected years after it is created.
  • You will be notified by Email if your character is selected for any role in the Magic Crystals universe.

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